Who We Serve

LLP aims to house homeless people that are ready or very near ready to be successfully housed and make it on their own. Many times these people have something in their background that is a barrier to housing but with just a little help, they make excellent tenants. It is in the best interest of all concerned, including LLP, to make sure that only qualified candidates participate in LLP. That is why only a very small percentage of homeless people qualify.

Our Housing our Heroes Program focuses on homeless veterans and our housing our Future Program focuses on homeless families with children.

Housing Our Heroes

Veterans fought for our freedom. Landlords are asked to be “Housing Heroes” by giving a deserving veteran a place to call home as they assimilate back into the community. According to the 2015 Point in Tine Count of the homeless in Santa Barbara County, veterans make up about 15% of all homeless people, they tend to remain homeless longer and many of them live on the streets.

LLP participates in both national and local campaigns to eliminate veteran homelessness. Veterans have sacrificed so much for us. It is time for us to return the favor.

Housing Our Future

Santa Barbara County is a relatively wealthy county yet according to the 2015 homeless count, there are hundreds of homeless children in the county. On average, these children are homeless for more than three years and many of them also have health challenges.

Studies have consistently shown that children’s early formative years are critical to their development and future success. Clearly, being homeless is devastating for this development.

LLP is an active supporter of the national campaign to end families with children homelessness. Our children are our future and help from both landlords and the overall  community is needed so that these children have a chance to succeed.