Why Do This Program?

The Landlord Liaison Partnership now makes it easy to do something good for your community and country while also doing something that is good for your business.

The Top 10 Reasons To Do LLP

Reason #10 Veterans fought for our freedom. Let’s thank them by making sure that they have a roof over their head.

Reason #9 We all want a bright future for our children and our children’s children. One way to help is to make sure that all children are housed and have a chance to succeed.

Reason #8 The people in this program are ready to be successfully housed and to make it on their own. They just need a little help. Only a small percentage of homeless people qualify for this program.

Reason #7 When you have an LLP tenant, you are working with an entire support team, not just the tenant.

Reason #6 Every LLP tenant receives at least a year of case management support and training to further insure a successful tenancy.

Reason #5 Landlords get financial safeguards in the small likelihood that something goes wrong. Damages, lost rent and court/mediation costs are covered by LLP up to $2,500 beyond the original deposit.

Reason # 4 LLP has a 24/7 hotline for landlords. We are contractually obligated to respond in no later than two business days if there is a question or an issue.

Reason #3 LLP was created for and by landlords so it is designed to meet landlord’s needs.

Reason #2 LLP is affiliated with Transition House, a well respected and long standing organization. The program also has the support of the Housing Authorities, government, foundations and the public.

Reason #1 You will feel good knowing that you have housed these deserving people as well as your community and country.

The Process Made Simple

We make it easy for landlords to participate in LLP:

? 1. The landlord indicates on the Screening Criteria Form what criteria will be required for potential LLP applicants.
? 2. An LLP Partnership Agreement is completed and signed by the landlord and LLP
? 3. The landlord informs LLP of available units (ongoing).
? 4. LLP provides a client referral and connects the landlord with the prospective tenant and supporting agency.
? 5. The landlord works directly with the applicant and supporting agency towards a rental agreement and move-in. The landlord sends a copy of the lease and the move-in inspection to LLP
? 6. The landlord receives the benefits of the LLP program (i.e. 24/7 hotline, financial  Safeguards, etc.) per the LLP Partnership Agreement.