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We especially encourage landlords to contact us to learn more about how they can participate in LLP. We can be contacted as follows:


It takes a community for a program like LLP to have a big impact. There are numerous opportunities to help make a difference in so many people’s lives by volunteering with LLP. Please use the contact information above to get started.


LLP strives to make our community an even better place and we depend on the community for financial support: government, businesses, foundations and individuals. LLP is very transparent, we either house homeless veterans, families with children and others, or we don’t. You can see the impact of your donation.

Prior studies have indicated that $10,000 is spent per homeless person, per year, in Santa Barbara County. LLP houses the homeless for a fraction of that amount so it is very cost effective.

Stand up in support of really making a difference on homelessness in our county by donating generously to LLP. We work tirelessly to be sure that you are glad that you did. We thank you and the community thanks you!

Susan O’Higgins

Program Director
[email protected]

Transition House

425 E. Cota St.
Santa Barbara, Ca. 93101

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