The Landlord Liaison Santa Barbara County

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The Landlord Liaison Santa Barbara County (LLSBC) is a collaboration among landlords, property managers, social service agencies and homeless people with barriers to accessing permanent housing. The goal of LLSBC is to offer homeless veterans, families, and others who were previously denied by landlords help with accessing permanent housing. LLSBC only works with clients that are ready to be successfully housed.

Participating landlords agree to provide alternative screening criteria to applicants and in exchange ongoing support including a 24/7 hotline and risk reduction funds. Tenants are connected to ongoing case management from social service agencies to further insure a successful tenancy.

Program History

The idea for LLSBC began in Seattle in 2009 as the Landlord Liaison Project. Landlords participated in the development of the program and more than 5,000 homeless people have been housed in privately owned units as of June, 2015. The program has been acknowledged as a National Best Practices Housing Program for the Homeless by the National Alliance to End Homelessness. Numerous communities have replicated parts of Seattle’s program but Santa Barbara County is believed to be the first to implement the full program.

Partnering with Landlords

Santa Barbara County landlords have truly been partners in developing LLSBC in the Santa Barbara County area. Their feedback helped drive the strategy of primarily focusing on homeless veterans. Feedback that we heard in the community, especially in North County, helped form our second focus on homeless children and families. Extremely low vacancy rates and relatively high rental unit prices made it essential that we only offer this program to homeless people that are ready or very near ready to be successfully housed.

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Broad Community Support

In addition to area landlords, the planning and development of LLSBC in Santa Barbara County has been a community-wide effort. Most notably, Transition House was originally our Fiscal Agent and housed the program and now United Way NSBC is our Fiscal Sponsor. City and County officials have been kept appraised of LLSBC’s development and have lent their encouragement and support.

The following organizations played a large role in LLSBC’s development: The City of Santa Barbara Housing Authority, The County of Santa Barbara Housing Authority, The Central Coast Collaborative on Homelessness (C3H), Social Venture Partners, New Beginnings, Good Samaritan, PATH, Transitions Mental Health Association, The Remediation Task Force, Legal Aid and California Rural Legal Assistance.

Solid Financial Backing

LLSBC would not be possible without the generous support of the City of Santa Barbara Housing Authority, the County of Santa Barbara Housing Authority, the Ann Jackson Foundation, Social Venture Partners and numerous individuals.